Advancing a Relentless Commitment
to Empowering Young Women

client: Columbia College

These are interesting times for women’s colleges across the country. In the 1960s, there were approximately 200 women’s colleges in the United States. Today, there are 42. So how do you distinguish yourself from other prestigious South Carolina institutions of high education? How do you harness bold decisions by the board of directors to invest in changing the trajectory of the college? How do you leverage the contagious enthusiasm of a new college president? You jolt the market.

Young women can become anything they want if we give them the confidence and support to take chances, to live with a solid sense of direction — this is our fundamental promise. This is how Columbia College will make a difference.

— beth dinndorf, president

You’re On Your Way.

Columbia College students are confident, competent and motivated. They want more for themselves, and they recognize that higher education offers the promise of job preparation, economic independence, and the ability to crystalize who they might become. While the benefits of a women’s college were not a primary motivator in their school selection, they see the value and promise of a single-sex education.

Columbia College prepares young women to exercise control of their lives and make informed choices.

value statement

Going Social

Social media efforts targeting prospective students included investments in Google AdWords, Facebook, and Pandora Internet Radio. Social media traffic was further influenced by online promotions that drove qualified, targeted prospects to the Columbia College Facebook page where ‘likes’ increased from approximately 4,000 to over 6,000 in less than six months. Additional results in measurable media showed click through rates three times the average for banner ads placed on highly targeted sites of interest.

Reaching Multiple Audiences

Research told us that business and community leaders across South Carolina viewed college graduates as unprepared to step into the workplace after graduation. Further research revealed the opportunity for Columbia College to concentrate efforts on unique programs and initiatives that would prepare graduates both personally and professionally. Key audiences included not only prospective students, but business professionals, alumnae, and donors across South Carolina.

Coordinated Communications

In an effort to reach prospective students efficiently and effectively throughout the enrollment cycle, Columbia College opted for a series of smaller brochures to replace the larger viewbook. The series included search, financial aid, student life, and leadership institute brochures.


You’re On Your Way has become a rallying cry for Columbia College—igniting an excitement and enthusiasm for a rejuvenated brand.

Magazine Design

Having redesigned the alumnae magazine to complement rebranding efforts, M Creative then handed over detailed templates and style guides so that internal marketing could develop and design subsequent issues.


Integrated and comprehensive set of Admissions, Advancement, and Evening/Graduate/Online materials, alumnae magazine, media outreach, television, print, radio, OOH, digital media, and promotions

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