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Painting the Bigger Picture of Hunger in Our Region

client: Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC addresses hunger holistically, addressing immediate food needs while focusing on the root causes of hunger in an 18-county region.


This includes distributing fresh and healthy foods, creating partnerships with local grocers and over 470+ partner programs, reducing food waste, providing nutrition education, advocacy, and creating career pathways through the Triad Culinary Training program.

Hunger for Change

Food alone doesn’t solve hunger.


With an already existing need that was exacerbated by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC set out on a capital campaign of $12M to consolidate and expand their headquarters and distribution capacity.


Planned facilities in Winston-Salem will address spatial and logistical constraints to accept additional food resources and volunteers, as well as technology inefficiencies, while an additional distribution center in Greensboro has already increased distribution capacity. The campaign also looks to expand the Providence Culinary Training program, leading to increased economic independence for more students.


M Creative helped Second Harvest paint the bigger picture of hunger to their ever-widening circle of partners and donors, engaging their commitment to alleviate hunger and its root causes in our region.

“Hunger is about more than going hungry.”

Strategic Positioning

Cover and spread of Second Harvest case statement

You might be surprised who’s hungry.


Serious hunger is a misunderstood and multidimensional reality in our community. It affects individuals, families, and children in a variety of ways that often go unseen. Sometimes the reason is systemic poverty; sometimes it is a sudden turn of bad luck. Being hungry is often the final and most fundamental assault in daily struggles to be healthy, employed, self-sufficient, and respected.

Inside spread of the campaign case statement
Children grating cheese as part of a cooking class

“Our success yesterday means nothing to the individual, family, or child who will be hungry tomorrow.”

Anthem Excerpt

Overhead image of pocket folder, letterhead, envelopes, and notecard for campaign


positioning and concept development, naming, copy writing, design for stationery system, and case statement

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