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Leveraging Collective Impact from Cradle to Career

client: The Forsyth Promise

How do we make sure every child has a chance to thrive in school, in work, and in life? How can we help education advocates see a shared vision, connect their work through the lens of collective impact, and become articulate ambassadors for the work of improving community level outcomes? We helped create a dynamic pathway for community engagement by designing and deploying inspiring branding and messaging for The Forsyth Promise that was informative, hopeful, courageous and fun.

There are a number of passionate people in Forsyth County doing good work for education, but their relative isolation may have them thinking that real, lasting change may not be possible because the problems are so much bigger than they are and they don’t know how to connect. The Forsyth Promise is their new way to hope.

The Promise Platform

The Forsyth Promise brings the community together in a way never seen before, and in doing so delivers change like never before. This is where passion meets possible, where ideas grow into reality and “what if” becomes “what’s next.”

The Forsyth Promise moves the needle on student success from cradle to career by leveraging the best of Forsyth County to create the best opportunities for all children.

The Forsyth Promise turns “what works” into “what’s next.”


The Forsyth Promise brings community efforts and ideas together to shine a light on what’s working well, move toward common goals and outcomes, and make community support for children more aligned and effective.


Strict adherence to the collective impact model distinguishes the work of The Forsyth Promise from other education initiatives in Forsyth County.


brand development, positioning, general and network-specific collateral materials, event materials, video, website architecture and design

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