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We’re right for you if…

01 Sep We’re right for you if…

You’re a purpose-driven organization that leads with your values.

We seek clients who are shaped by their beliefs and driven by a core need to improve humankind.

You’re looking for a partner who understands social impact.

There is no question that the strategies and language of nonprofits and for-profits are different. Since 1996, we have helped nonprofit organizations win the battle of aligning their values with those of external and internal stakeholders who can help them be successful.

Your mission is blending in with the growing number of funders and nonprofits.

Nonprofits are realizing that differentiation and message clarity matter, especially when seeking partners and collaborators who will help them succeed. We help define why you are unique and how your values inform that difference. Only then can we begin to craft a compelling narrative that inspires participative engagement with people who can help you the most.

You recognize that your brand is a strategic asset for implementing your mission.

Progressive organizations understand that brand clarity is less about awareness-building, fundraising and public relations, and more about building capacity and cohesion. They also recognize that it takes time and committed resources—human and financial—to move from short-term tactical discussions to long-term strategic engagements that result in lasting and sustainable understanding of why they are here.

You need a plan.

An inspirational story isn’t much good if nobody knows about it. Our customized communication plan outlines the detailed roadmap organizations need to target diverse audiences and inspire action.

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