Leveraging the Power of Small

client: Los Encinos School

Many independent schools address how their small size is an educational benefit. We convinced Los Encinos to lead boldly with this message.

Los Encinos parents have a keen sense of their child’s strengths and vulnerabilities, and research confirmed that they are more likely to choose a school based on what is genuinely best for their child rather than reputation or the perception of others.

Los Encinos is “unapologetically small.”

value statement


Small and Mighty

By joyfully juxtaposing young learners with the bigness of a small school learning environment, we developed a campaign that was grounded in research and logic while addressing the most instinctive parental concern: what is best for my child? We used targeted direct mail to seed this message in the community.

Three months after launch, inquiries were up 30%.

concept evolution


positioning, concept development, recruitment brochure, direct mail, website architecture and design

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